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Unlike conventional technologies to produce pizza, the pinsa dough is the result of a slow and natural leavening lasting 72 hours; this process allows to obtain a product with a great taste of old fashioned bread and above all is highly digestible.
The preparation technology also uses way less oil than the traditional pizza and the dough has a high content of water that reduces the overall calories. In a few words : low-fat, low-calorie and digestible.

This is the mix of flour used
Soft wheat flour of the highest quality, which allows long leavening and high water content.
100% vegetable origin Soybean flour for crunchiness and friability.
Rice flour, which allows water to remain within the mix during cooking to obtain a crispy outside and soft inside( It will melt in your mouth!)
Dried motherdough, to achieve a natural and intense taste

All ingredients used are GMO Free

It’s got the taste and flavour of the old days,
It’s easy to digest
it’s crunchy outside and soft on the inside
It’s got an intriguing oval shape
It’s the original pinsa !